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CoolSaverSM Residential & Commercial A/C Tune-Up Program

Get a tune-up for your A/C. Watch your Entergy bill go down.

Our CoolSaverSM Program will help you pay for an A/C tune-up and start saving you money immediately.

An efficient A/C doesn't just keep you cool, it lasts longer and is more reliable. Plus, it saves you money on cooling costs with a lower monthly bill.

That's why Entergy Arkansas offers the CoolSaver Program for residential and commercial customers. It helps you improve the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump through a high-efficiency A/C tune-up performed by a trade ally.

Historically, residential Entergy customers who participated in CoolSaver saved an average of $117 a year per air conditioner and increased the cooling output of their system.

What does the program cover

CoolSaver Incentive Rates

COMMERCIAL Complete tune-up Pre-Cleans Post Measurement
80+ Ton $1,800 ineligible ineligible
51-80 Ton $1,500 ineligible ineligible
31-50 Ton $900 ineligible ineligible
26-30 Ton $600 ineligible ineligible
16-25 Ton $500 $175 $325
11-15 Ton $350 $115 $235
6-10 Ton $250 $85 $165
4-5 Ton $175 $75 $100
1.5-3.5 Ton $150 $50 $100
RESIDENTIAL Complete tune-up Pre-Cleans Post Measurement
Single Family Heat


$175 $75 $100
Single Family A/C $175 $75 $100
Multi-Family Heat


$175 $75 $100
Multi-Family A/C $85 $30 $55

Measure Description

Pending customer approval, typical improvement measures include:

*airflow correction
Cleaning of:
*indoor blower
*evaporator coils
*condenser coils
and correction of refrigerant charge. (uses program required tools and procedures).
Program test-out data is measured and collected by a program-qualified technician.

*NOTE: Systems above 25 tons must be Pre-approved on a case-by-case basis by the Program Implementer.

Who is eligible?

How does the program work?

    • Step 1: Select Trade Ally
    • Step 2: Schedule your Tune-up.
    • Step 3: Have Tune-up performed.
    • Step 4: Take the Entergy incentive amount off of the trade ally’s bill.

A trade ally will conduct an evaluation using precision digital tools to identify energy-saving improvement opportunities and determine if a high-performance tune-up would help your air conditioner or heat pump. The trade ally will thoroughly clean condenser coils and, if necessary, evaporator coils and blowers as well as adjust refrigerant charge to manufacturer’s specification. Once the tune-up is completed, the trade ally will subtract the appropriate Entergy discount from your total invoice.

For a list of trade allies in your area, click here.

Measure Type
CoolSaver High Performance A/C Tune Up

2016 Entergy Arkansas CoolSaver Incentive Plan
AC and Heat Pump tune-ups

COMMERCIAL Complete tune-up Pre-Cleans Post Measurements
80+ Ton AC $2,000 $600 $1,400
51-80 Ton AC $1,800 $500 $1,300
31-50 Ton AC $900 $250 $650
26-30 Ton AC $600 $250 $350
16-25 Ton  AC $500 $175 $325
11-15 Ton AC $350 $115 $235
6-10 Ton AC $250 $85 $165
4-5 Ton Heat Pump Commercial $175 $75 $100
1.5-3.5 Ton Heat Pump Commercial $150 $50 $100
4-5 Ton AC Commercial $175 $75 $100
1.5-3.5 Ton AC Commercial $150 $50 $100
Single Family Heat Pump (all tons) $175 $75 $100
Single Family AC (all tons) $130 $40 $90
Multi-Family Heat Pump (all tons) $175 $75 $100
Multi-Family AC (all tons) $85 $30 $55

Measure Description

Program-required test data is measured and collected by a qualified technician. Pending customer approval, typical improvement measures include: airflow correction, cleaning of indoor blower, evaporator coils, condenser coils and correction of refrigerant charge using program-required tools and procedures.

To learn more, click here to download the Program Manual.

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